about Tashied Najd

Najd Construction Company is a leading company in the field of real estate development and investment, preparing architectural designs and construction studies for projects and supervising them according to building codes and standards.

If you are a property owner or want to buy or develop a property, we have the best innovative solutions to get the best real estate in terms of interior and exterior finishes and get the best real estate destination to satisfy customers of all tastes.

Tsheed Najd is a national real estate development company specializing in residential units. It started its work in construction several years ago and is still providing its best to meet the needs of the Saudi market and provide comfortable housing in keeping with the renaissance and rapid development witnessed by our dear homeland in various fields, including population growth and the need for housing with modern design and high quality. Modern technology.

In Najd construction, we are keen to provide integrated residential environments that include green spaces, amenities, and safety for residents.

About us

Professionalism and high creativity are the reason for our success and continuity.

The Tashied Najd Company for real estate development and investment was launched in the city of Riyadh as a result of concerted efforts and the vision of the founders towards expanding its investments and achieving rewarding returns in order to accommodate future expansions in the real estate market. Standards of quality of life in real estate sectors.

We offer you the best real estate services in the Kingdom.

Having experience and reliability in the real estate sector does not come until after many years of experience and hard work. We are a construction company that was found to fulfill the desires of customers with confidence and creativity in the field of contracting residential, non-residential and governmental projects. Thanks to our constant endeavor to keep pace with the best and to achieve the ambition of leadership and the passion for excellence, we have achieved many successes in this field.

Why Tashied Najd ?

International experience

We have worked hand in hand with leading companies around the world, allowing our clients to benefit from a long experience that guarantees better and faster results, thanks to our team of leaders in the real estate sector from around the world.

Reliance on technology

We always strive to rely on technological and smart solutions in addition to using traditional methods to achieve the best results in accordance with the requirements and resources of the project.

Continuous Improvement

The real estate sector, like other sectors, is constantly changing, so keeping pace with these changes is an essential element to ensure continuity in the market and face challenges.

Our methodology

We provide our services based on a true assessment of the market reality and current projects in a manner consistent with the various approved and clear standards. Our approach includes getting to know the parties

Number analysis

Our experts continuously conduct a good and accurate study of the marketing and sales operations and their various details, starting from determining the current market value of the brand, to following up and analyzing statistics and the performance of the website and social networking sites.

Speed and quality of work

Completing the works quickly and with the highest possible quality and delivering the property before the specified time is one of our advantages that gives you opportunities to inspect and modify the property and finish before the specified time.


To be a pioneer and model in the field of real estate development and investment in a way that meets the aspirations and needs of our customers.


Quality is our way of life. Quality of work and production. Quality in good reputation.


Constant pursuit of excellence in what we do by maximizing our skills, and continuous improvement of our business to reach excellenceAnd the customer, and the privacy of our employees, this is what motivates the investor to have complete confidence in the work With us.


Because we view professionalism as our parameter of endurance in a dynamic world business, and because we believe that attitudes and behavior are of value to our clients.


The umbrella umbrella for our system of professional practices, behaviors and principles adopted by the system in order to achieve its strategic vision


We have the ability to think in order to reach a new and diversified production that can be done


The company seeks pioneering participation in finding distinguished and attractive real estate products that add to the Saudi market through: Actively contributing to raising the awareness of community members in various real estate fields. Meeting the desires and aspirations of individuals and investors. Developing and supporting the real estate industry according to market needs. Building solid strategic relationships with engineering offices, contractors and suppliers of building materials. Continuous development of real estate services and products to be of high quality.